How to Establish or Transfer Service with Yorkshire Water

Moving to a new home is an exciting process that unfortunately comes with certain burdens and inconveniences to sort out before the new life can actually begin. One of the stress factors is moving the utility company account from one address to the next one. A house with no electricity is one thing, but a house with no clean running water is impossible to live in for a long period of time. Therefore, some simple things that can be helpful in this case can ease the mind of the homeowner and ensure that the resolution to the problem is found fast.

First of all, when moving to a new house, the owners need to choose if keeping Yorkshire Water as the same service provider is an option, or there is a necessity to find a new one. In any case, Yorkshire Water needs to be informed promptly. There are several ways to inform the provider of the new address. There is a simple online form available that will be delivered to the company straight away. It requires homeowners to submit their moving date and their new address. This information can also be phoned in.

Meter readings should be provided before moving, but Yorkshire Water does estimate if there is no possibility of the reading by the client. Additional information the company requires is, if the client is not going to be responsible for payments for water, for example, if the client is moving in with parents or relatives. If you have questions about meter reading, contact the customer service department.

Another to consider is the region you plan on moving to. If it is still in Yorkshire Water territory, then the company can stay the same. However, moving to a different region means change of provider and both companies need to be contacted for arrangements. When utilizing the ‘Direct Debit’ payment option, the transfer to the new house is automatic, as long as the location change information has been provided. Otherwise, it is possible to continue paying the bill as usual, using a debit or credit card online or by phone, or mailing in a payment via post.

Lastly, considering the fact that not all clients use online services, Yorkshire Water can also be reached by mail, email or a simple phone call. The sooner the paperwork is in, the faster will be the response. Since the companies that distribute water are also responsible for maintenance, water meter installation and maintenance, responding to emergencies and waste water processing, lack of information can cause some unwanted surprises later on, if the delivery of the information has not happened. If there are any additional questions, contact Yorkshire Water.